Welcome! Welcome to my website; The Silver Fox Author. As you can see it might have something to do with my white hair, but mostly about writing. I will be using this space to talk with you about how I started writing and tidbits about habits to help us all keep reading and writing.

I will give shout outs to those we meet along the way on this adventure. Check them out. I am pleased with how they have helped me in my journey.

Here’s to Indie BRAG, Gerri Clouston, President: Pleased with the Award I received. contact@bragmedallion.com

Maxwell A. Drake: Drake U. See his Videos, outstanding!www.maxwellalexandwedrake.com

Here’s to Las Vegas Weekly Magazine, April 2022 edition, for picking my book ‘Following’ Huck as a spring reading recommendation.

Oh, yes, some of us have a daily routine to keep the creative juices flowing. If you haven’t yet, start a journal. A journal in which you write only three pages every day. The subject? Anything! Open to a page, date it, title it Page One and start writing what ever comes to mind as fast as you can. No worries about mistakes, grammar, spelling, coffee stains, funny little drawings, whatever, for only three pages. The habit will be there after only a few weeks. It will only take fifteen or twenty minutes and you will soon find interesting insights. Like any start of a good habit, Just Do It!